From Concept to Creation in 99 Days!

Let's create your lead magnet, presentation and signature offer that you are excited to share with the world! We''ll even set up all the boring technical stuff like landing pages, member management software, emails, and payment systems for you!

This is a Done with You Coaching Program on steriods!

99 days to launch (1)

Initiative Enrollments Close On:

Oct 20, 2022


Blaney Teal is the ultimate action taker, tech guru and systems expert. Her knowledge of tech, coupuled with her creative left-handed brain and her 30+ years of entrepreneurship, makes her the perfect coach to help you get your project off the ground FAST!

What we will accomplish in 99 days...


Lead Magnet

The first step in your journey. We will help you craft your perfect lead magnet and give you the resources needed.  Then create the landing page to go along with it! Sync it with your email service and voila, you have Step One complete and ready to build your emai list. 



The next step in your funnel. Together we will craft your perfect Webinar or Challenge to share with the world your expertise. Then create the landing page and email and text reminders etc! We will build out all the boring stuff and make sure it all works!


The Offer

We will help you design your perfect Signature Offer to be delivered at the end of your webinar or challenge that leads to the next step in working with YOU. Includes the landing page to get them enrolled in your program/course/offer!

What You’ll Get

In 99 days, you will be ready to launch your program or course...

  • Private Onboarding Call

  • Custom Concept Project Map

  • Trello Board with Due Dates

  • Weekly Assignments

  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls

  • Custom Branded Landing Page for Lead Magnet

  • Custom Branded Landing Page for Webinar/Challenge

  • Custom Branded Landing Page for Your Signature Offer

  • Access to me in our Private Coaching Community

  • Accountability to get it DONE!

  • All the tools you need to succeed!

  • Completion Bonus! 3-5 Night Vacation on ME!



Pay in full and save 25% off

Payment plan available + financing 

Real Reviews

From Past Clients

"A real expert, and the modules were professionally made! It was well worth my time and effort. Finishing the course was a huge achievement for me."

- John Doe, Marketing Consultant

"A real expert, and the modules were professionally made! It was well worth my time and effort. Finishing the course was a huge achievement for me."

- John Doe, Marketing Consultant

"A real expert, and the modules were professionally made! It was well worth my time and effort. Finishing the course was a huge achievement for me."

- John Doe, Marketing Consultant

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Pay in Full


Payment Plan

About Your Coach

Blaney Teal, The Frugal Techie Coach

I am a true Mompreneur from Baltimore, MD!  Started my first business at the age of 7, and since founded many successful businesses. I am the owner of MBX a Global Networking Organization hosting dozens of In-Person and Virtual Events every month!  I founded the Next for Success Accelerator Academy in 2020 to help solorpreneurs and sales professionals get systems in place to save them time and money. Working with business professionals over the years, I learned I had unique superpower when it comes to being a creative techie who loves helping entrepreneurs put all the pieces together to launch their own program or course - and getting it done in record time!  What are you waiting for? Let's do this! 99 to launching your experise!

More Reasons Working With Me Is a No Brainer

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What if the very thought of trying to piece all the tech together didn’t cause night terrors?

424-question-bubble-outline (3)

What if you could just work with someone who isn’t a has been or fake?

424-question-bubble-outline (3)

What if we could set up all the boring technical stuff lfor you so you didn't have to?

424-question-bubble-outline (3)

What if you could find someone trustworthy who did it all with you – create the landing pages your lead magnet, your presentation, your offer and hooked up all the tech!


You could do it yourself… BUT WILL YOU?

You already know the benefits of creating a lead magnet, online course, signature coaching program or high-ticket offer and most likely you may have been thinking about creating one for months or even years…

And – if you’re like many of my clients – you probably bought tools like Kajabi, Clickfunnels, other software or whatever else you might need for creating your offers…

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But you haven't done it yet...

Even though you know you could help many more people if you had an offer or program in place.

You already know how amazing having an online webinar, course or coaching program would be, but you realize how difficult it is to take all the knowledge in your head and turn it into a clear, professional, and beautiful package that you can be proud of.

Let me ask you a question...  WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH?

You can try and figure it out on your own, listening to all the confusing information out there, learning new software and tech and continue to struggle to actually get it all in place....

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Is this right for YOU?

I can't work with everyone, and I won’t be a good fit for every project. I recommend booking a call to see if we’re right for each other, but here’s a quick rundown:


This is a good fit if…

  • You are an expert in your field- You have expertise in a specific niche and a message you want to share with the world. (Consultants, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, trainers — welcome!).
  • You understand and value specialized knowledge - You know that time is money and you want experts to get your up and running fast. 
  • You want the program to be developed with you - You are committed to working on your assignments and respect deadlines.

This is NOT a good fit if…

  • You have no idea what you want to create. (A general idea is fine, but if you can’t describe your vision in ~5 sentences, you’re probably not a good fit).
  • You can’t dedicate at least 99 days to focus on this project. 
  • You are not coachable.
  • You aren't ready to invest in yourself. 

At this point you have 3 OPTIONS

Do it yourself. You can spend weeks or even months trying to figure out strategy, tech, systems, and everything else that goes into creating a program which is likely to lead to overwhelm and giving up on your every getting it done.


Do it yourself with the help of freelancers. This isn’t a terrible option if you have the time to manage all of them, are willing to go through a bunch of duds before finding a quality freelancer, and have the time to obsess over quality control.

1 (1)

Work with me and get a beautiful and professional program from concept to creation and ready to launch in 99 days. And all without getting overwhelmed or wasting hundreds or even thousands of hours.

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The Choice is YOURS!

Frequently Asked Questions

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